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It Takes a Village in Lewiston, Maine

Lewiston, Maine

Story Narrative:

What's your favorite memory of living in a small town?

"All the time I was growing up, it was wonderful because it's like they say, it takes a village to raise a child. And in my neighborhood we knew everyone on the street and they knew who we were. They didn't necessarily know our names but they knew who we belonged to and so they would tell my mother if I did something. And believe me when I got home we heard about it. But you know, it was wonderful knowing that there were so many people around us that could help us out if we were in trouble. And it helped a lot of kids not to do wrong, you know, they'd learn. And they don't have that today. I think it's sad because there is no longer small communities anymore and I think it's sad because the kids today don't have that small community and so they're lost in the sense that most of the time they don't even know who their neighbors are. And so, in my case, I would say that living in a small town really molded me for the future and I wish the kids today would have that same opportunity."

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