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How Chester Worked: My First Job

As told by Stories YES
Chester, South Carolina

Story Narrative:

Our Chester County (S.C.) School District planned a series of carnival-type events as part of the kickoff for their summer reading program. The summer reading program was to be combined this year for the first time with the City of Chester's summer feeding program. Both the reading and the feeding programs fill gaps for students in our community during the summer months when there are no nutritious means being offered by the school, and when there is no reading and learning taking place on a daily basis.
Our Stories:YES group was invited to participate in what were called “Read Feed Succeed” kickoff events at each of on the three high schools. We thought this would be a good way to capture some “person on the street” interviews about a person's first job, and a way to compare and contrast the historical information we were discovering about what jobs in Chester County (and the region) used to be like with some more modern takes on working.

Our technology leader supplied a tent and some chairs and we set up our interview booth. We asked three questions:

What was your first job?
What did you do?
How much did you make?

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