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A Grandmother's Light in Dobbs Ferry, New York

Forest City, Florida

Story Narrative:

"Another favorite memory of mine living on Main Street in Dobbs Ferry, New York is around the time my grandmother was dying in the same bedroom that I lived in and slept with her in as a child, I wondered why I was there. Although we just lived in an apartment, my gosh, she had 25 people at least a day that were coming to visit with her at that time. I remember looking at my grandmother's eyes and you could see such a light to them. She had more life in her than I had ever seen. I do believe that she just stayed around to comfort the people that came over to see her because she loved everybody in our small town. I guess that love really makes a difference. One of my favorite memories of that small town is my grandmother, Valerie Colletti, Dobbs Ferry, New York."

Asset ID: 1018
Themes: Community, neighbors, friends, family, spirit, memories
Date recorded: 2011
Length of recording: 1:01 m
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