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A Grandmother's Journey Through Ellis Island to Farm in California

San Joaquin Valley, California

Story Narrative:

"The freedom to travel has meant the world to my family. My grandmother, Lillian Quevis Fanucchi, came in the early 1900s with her brother and two sisters, after fleeing during the Mexican Revolution. And they found their way, traveling and working the fields in agriculture, through Arizona, and through the Orange County areas of Huntington Beach and finally to the southern section of the San Joaquin Valley, where she went and met my grandfather, who was an Italian immigrant as well, and they married and had three sons, and she also was the mother of two step-children, a boy and a girl. 

That was a great opportunity for the family, and her husband, Joe Fanucchi, Giuseppe Fanucchi's family, is still farming to this day, and it will be almost 100 years."

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