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Childhood Lessons from Water, Newport Beach, California, 1963

As told by Michelle M.
Newport Beach, California

Story Narrative:

Submitted as part of the Women Mind the Water Digital Stories Project with footage from the Oregon coastline.

"When I was five years old, my father took me to the ocean. We'd always gone to the bay before this. We got to the beach, and he let me go free. I stood in the waves, and after 15 minutes of sheer fun and pleasure, a wave caught me and dragged me down, turned me upside down and upside down again. When I finally stood up, got my bearings, looked back to shore, my father had moved not one inch. His arms were crossed. He was smiling, nodding at me. I knew then that he was trying to teach me something, but I was still pretty angry. Nevertheless, I understood later on, he was teaching me not to panic. No matter what the conditions are in the ocean, no matter what the conditions are in life, don't panic."


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