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Being Carefree in a Small Town, Indiana

Columbus, Indiana

Story Narrative:

"Okay. I guess I don't really live in the smallest town. I live in Indiana. We have five elementary schools and two high schools, so it's really not that small. But everybody really knows each other. Actually, it's really not that small at all. We have about 35,000 people, but you know people. I mean, if you haven't met them, you've heard about them. Well, it sort of teaches me that if I go to a city or something, I will need to worry about stuff.

Here, all you'll need to worry about is call and make sure you have your phone to call your mom if you're just going somewhere with your friends or if you're just going to a community event. Because that happens so much with me, I just have to call my mom and tell her, 'Hey, I'm going to my friend's house.' I mean, you don't care because you know people, but in maybe a big city, you would have to worry about stuff. And it just teaches me that I have to worry. I can't just be carefree all my life."

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Themes: Crossroads, small towns, teens, safety
Date recorded: 2011
Length of recording: 1:14 m
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