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Batesville's First Softball Champs: A Mother & Daughter Story

As told by Stories: YES Sulphur Rock EAST
Batesville, Arkansas

Story Narrative:

Batesville High School had never had a girls' softball team until 1997. That's when the district in northeast Arkansas asked middle school teacher, Elaine Vinson, to add Softball Coach to her job description. The BHS graduate and mother of Katie Vinson, a rising female athlete at the school, gladly accepted. Vinson spent countless hours after school coaching this team of talented young ladies. In May of 1997, the newly formed BHS Lady Pioneer softball team earned a spot at the state softball tournament in Pine Bluff, AR.

Elaine and Katie discuss one of the most memorable moments of their lives--a state softball championship! They recall the moments leading up to the tournament, winning the title, and how they were welcomed home, not only as mother and daughter, but as coach and player.

Filmed and created by Robey Landreth and Hattie Johnson of Sulphur Rock Elementary EAST

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