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This is Baltimore Too: Nat'l Great Blacks in Wax

As told by Linda Goss, National Association of Black Storytellers, David Fakunle, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Baltimore, Maryland

Story Narrative:

This is the first stop on thw "This is Baltimore Too" tour of the community. Other parts of this tour are included in the archive too, just search for "Baltimore."

This experience will include a selection of culturally and racially diverse places known for uniqueness, compelling design, and historical significance including artifacts, objects that cause conversations, and soulful, tasty dining. These 12 locations will appeal to all ages. Some may create a sanctuary-like atmosphere. Others may seem upbeat and jumping. These places wake up the imagination and arouse curiosity. Hopefully people will see, hear, feel, taste and touch a lasting positive sense of Baltimore.

You are hearing about a location at North Avenue between Bond Street and Broadway in front of The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum. This is the first museum of its kind in the United States. The souls of the ancestors reside inside. This museum was founded by Dr. Elmer Martin and his wife Dr. Joanne Martin in 1983.  It began in their apartment with three wax figures. Then they moved to a downtown storefront and eventually relocated to a renovated firehouse and a Victorian mansion.  Dr. Joanne Martin sold her wedding ring to help establish this museum.  Over a hundred wax figures reside inside from Hannibal on his elephant to President Barack Obama.  This museum focuses on the accomplishments and achievements and dreams of African Americans and their history. Who is Brave Bessie? Who is Henry Box Brown? Who is Jocko Graves? Who is Queen Makeda? Come inside this museum and you will find out! 

"Be Here: Baltimore" launched in 2016, an effort to build community-sourced cultural stories about the city. Now, the city is connected by more than 400 authentic stories of Baltimore culture and heritage told by the people who know the city best. Learn more about the project:

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